The RAO Company was launched in 1994 and is specialized for electromagnetic compatibility – impulse disturbance. We are producing testing and measuring equipment for immunity testing of electronic products towards electromagnetic impulse disturbance. We are using our experiences to solve many problems with impulse disturbance.

  • generators of impulse disturbance and its accessories

Electrostatic discharges

Programmable generators of impulse disturbance – Impulse disturbance generators

Coupling/decoupling networks and other accessories – Test set for magnetic field 50 Hz

  • measuring converters and probes for measurement of impulse disturbance

Calibration dividers – P40x_en.pdf    – P500_en.pdf    – P506_en.pdf

Current transformers – CT123_en.pdf

Coaxial shunt resistors – CSR123_en.pdf

Flat-formed shunt resistors – FSR_en.pdf

  • apparatuses for testing of gas discharge tubes and overvoltage protections
  •  services in impulse disturbance branch

 Measurements of impulse disturbance in industrial environment

Noise suppression of impulse disturbance implementation

Testing of immunity of impulse disturbance

Sharing of testing equipment

Instruction and education in impulse disturbance

Consulting and advising about problems of impulse disturbance

Contact information:

IČ 48953792

Address: RAO, s.r.o., Karla Nového 508, 25751 Bystřice

Phone. 315550436, 731744576